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Welcome to Hugo's Superstore

At Hugo's Sweg Superstore, we pride ourselves on our wide range and variety of products. From Walrus skin laptop cases to Romanian door knobs, we've got it all! Take a look at our products below. Have a look at our story here!

Bulgarian Gameboy - Mint Condition!

-----------Only $56.99!------------

Awesome 100% legit Captain America Crocs - Premium Edition!

----------------------Now Only $45.99!---------------------

Sick 100% Real Dragon Lore!


Incredible Karambit Marble Fade! (Gaben's Blessing)


Stylish Nike Prestos - New Colorway!


New Teddy Bear - Great for the Kids - Straight from Russia!

--------------------------Only $9.99!----------------------

No Scam Amazing M4A4 Skin 100% No Scam!


Factory New AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge - Nice Cheap Price!


Crazy Cheap Safari Mesh AWP Skin - Usually Really Expensive!

--------------------A SUPER Cheap $99.99--------------------

NEW! - Minimal Wear AK-47 Fire Serpent!




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